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Asphalt Coloring Pigment


Powder pigment for production of red-colored asphalt, used in production of various types of asphalt mixes.

The production technology that uses this product, has been especially designed with the goal of incorporating it into the production cycle of cold, warm and hot asphalt mixes.

The pigment is a red iron oxide powder.  It is resistant to wear, color-rich and durable. The guaranteed long-term coloring attributes a bright appearance to the pavement and improves traffic safety in areas that are considered dangerous, by improving the visibility of the road surface.

Range of use

  • Walkways, sidewalks, private streets, bike lanes, dedicated bus lanes and parking areas;
  • Walksways in parks, conservation areas, tourist resorts;
  • Stopping areas, intersections and emergency lanes.


Rate and method of application

The rate of application depends on the desired level of coloring, between 30 – 50 kg per ton of asphalt mix.

The pigment is injected directly into the mixing section of the asphalt plant drum mixer (where aggregates mix with the AC/bitumen). Once added, the asphalt pigment should be mixed for a minimum of 45-60 seconds at a minimum temperature of 150°C and a maximum temperature of 190°C.

Red cold patch

The production technology of red colored cold patch, with the use of the Perma-Patch concentrate, allows to produce high quality red-colored cold mix asphalt that can be offered wholesale or in retail, packaged in plastic bags or big bags, or in bulk.

Storage and packaging

The pigment is available in a wide range of pack sizes including 50 lb (22.7 kg) paper bags, 25 and 50 lb (11.3/22.7 kg) low melt plastic bags, and 1,000 lb (453 kg) to 2,000 lb (907 kg) Bulk Bags.