Cantat Associates Inc. (Toronto, Canada) is a global distributor of world leading road construction products, technologies and equipment, designed to provide a complete solution for road construction and maintenance companies in their production and execution operations, with a line of materials and equipment designed to produce the best results and attain the highest quality.
Cantat Associates Inc. represents some of the leading producers in the road construction field, allowing us to provide not only the product, but as importantly complete technical support and service to our customers and distributors in every step of the way. We represent such technologies, as additives for cold mix and warm mix asphalt production, mobile and stationary asphalt plants, crack sealants and crack-sealing kettles, emulsion plants and technologies, and others.

Our Partners:

McAsphalt Industries Limited (Canada) is the world's largest manufacturer, developer and distributor of bitumen, bitumen additives and other road construction related materials and technologies.
WRT Equipment Ltd (Canada) developer and producer of parallel (continuous) flow and counterflow drum-mix type, modular, mobile and stationary asphalt plants.
Stepp Manufacturing Inc. (USA) is a leading brand on the US market of high quality horizontal and vertical kettles for preparation and application of hot-applied joint and crack sealing materials.

The Cantat Associates Inc. team is dedicated to providing our distributors and their retail customers with high quality products and technical support for their business. With years of experience, Cantat is moving forward with services that redefine customer satisfaction every time.

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is committed to the level of excellence that our customers require, in the areas of:

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