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Asphalt Bagging Machine

Cold Mix bagging machine 6t – 9t per hour:
The bagging machine is designed to package asphalt mix into polyethylene bags. Each bag can contain 25 – 30 kg. The machine hopper is loaded using a front loader. The hopper is equipped with a screw conveyor, used both as a feeder and agitator for the consolidated asphalt mix. In a uniform flow, the screw conveyor feeds the asphalt mix through a diverter valve into a chute (optionally into two chutes), for alternate discharge into bags. The production capacity is controlled via a variable frequency drive, which regulates the rotation speed of the screw conveyor. A weighing platform is located at the discharge station to monitor the batch weight. Lower and upper weight limits are set via the control panel. A slow discharge rate is automatically engaged for product top-up. Once the desired weight has been reached, the feed stops. The operator switches the diverter valve to the other chute and fills the next bag. Feed is switched on or off via push button controllers, installed in both operators’ stations. Once filled, the bag is moved to the roller table-mounted heat sealing facility.

Bagging machine specifications:

⦁ Production capacity: 200 – 300 bags per hour, respectively 6t – 9t per hour depending on the operating personnel;
⦁ Heavy duty steel construction;
⦁ Frame supports: bolted to floor area;
⦁ Gear motor drive;
⦁ Feed hopper;
⦁ Double-chute discharge;
⦁ Control panel (incl. frequency-changing circuit, batching processor);
⦁ Weighing platform;
⦁ Heat-sealing facility;
Production time – 45 days